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A walk through Noorderdierenpark is a real world trip. They go in this zoo from Asia via America to Africa. You see tigers creeping softly through the bamboo, and a group of monkeys that have the craziest ideas. In the unique tropical butterfly garden are around 1500 colorful butterflies to admire.


Walk among the 400 monkeys and get to know these mysterious, nimble animals up close. The encounters between man and ape are playful, harmless and instructive at the same time. And ... did you know that among the many monkeys there are a lot of other animals in the Apenheul waiting for you? (about 60 km)


Take a breathtaking discovery tour of the "Bush" and withstand the heat of the beautiful desert. In the different climatic zones of this zoo you will find about 3000 animals from all over the world. And because in this zoo the barrier between man and animal is kept as small as possible, visitors come as close as anywhere else to the animals. (about 72 km)


Enjoy attractions, shows and events in the Adventure Park Hellendoorn! Tucked away in the woods between Luttenberg and Hellendoorn, around 30 popular top attractions await you. Experience sparkling water fun in one of the wild water rides or turn the world upside down in one of the three roller coasters.
Amusement park Slagharen
The real racers are just right in Slagharen with the many roller coasters. You can also swim in the mountain pool or enjoy magic shows (about 38 km).


De Waarbeek is an amusement park in Hengelo especially for children. You can drive there in bumper cars and minicars and row in a boat on the pond. There is a toboggan run, a fast-spinning calypso, a children's wheel, a real chain carousel and much more. A leisurely day trip with the kids is guaranteed! (about 50 km)


In Dinoland Zwolle, children can have fun for two or fourteen years, ontdekken en spelen tussen de dino's. He is zowel within as buiten van alles te beleven. Dus ook met rain kun each bij Dinoland great!