Towns and villages

from beautiful terraces to beautiful history

Towns and villages

Beautiful cities and villages

Salland has many beautiful villages and towns that you should definitely visit. We have summarized the most beautiful and interesting for you in an overview! All with their own unique character.


The newspaper De Stentor has placed our village in second place of the "most beautiful spots in the Salland". The newspaper describes the place as follows: "The Luttenberg - in the Overijssel landscape - is home to juniper shrubs and an underground cave where the mythical" white women "used to mischief. Dowsing practitioners come here to track down the large concentration of special earth rays.


The village of Raalte (20,000 inhabitants) is known for its lively center. Every Wednesday morning market is held here. In July and August, the market is reinforced by the Sallander butter market: a folkloristic market with old farmers in authentic costumes. In the summer months the Salland is in the sign of the summer festivals, as well as Raalte with the Stoppelhaene Festival.


Zwolle is the capital of the province of Overijssel and is one of the Dutch Hanseatic cities. Part of the medieval center has been preserved and can still be admired today. Here you will find cozy shopping streets, the city gate De Sassenpoort, the Great or St. Michael's Church, two monasteries, the tower "De Peperbus", which characterizes the cityscape, museums and restaurants. In short, there is a lot to see!