Bathhouse Luttenberg

Allow yourself to be pampered in our lovely Badhuis Luttenberg. This nice small-scale Wellness of Holiday Park de Luttenberg is situated in a rural and forested area. Here you will find a Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, steam cabin and foot bath.

Indulge and relax in Bathhouse Luttenberg

Discover Bathhouse Luttenberg

Bathhouse Luttenberg offers you a Finnish sauna, steam cabin, infrared sauna, and a lovely relaxation area by the fireplace  or in the outside garden. The adjacent holiday park, Vakantiepark de Luttenberg, offers you the possibility to combine your wellness day with overnight stays. 

We are delighted to welcome your for € 8,50 per person for a part of a day of 4 hours! You can also rent the bathhouse for € 100,00 for a part of the day (4 hours) (min. 4 and max. 12 persons). Inform about the possibilities and come and enjoy the beautiful hospitable Salland.

Indoor swimming pool

During the season you can use the adjoining heated and covered swimming pool with whirlpool bath. In the warm summer months, the roof is slid open so you can swim in the open air. Guests of the holiday park also make use of this swimming pool. Swimwear is compulsory in this area.

In our bathhouse you have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful Ayurvedic massage. Experience deep relaxation with a comforting warm oil with lavender or eucalyptus, depending on your preference. 
The repetitive, long, gentle massage strokes ensure relaxation and inner balance. Pleasure and total relaxation.

The 45-minute massage (€ 60.00 p.p.) is a body massage with plenty of warm oil. The natural oils balance your body and cleanse the skin and body. The long and slow massage movements bring you into deep relaxation. In the process you get rid of stress and tiredness in your body. The Ayurvedic massage techniques have a beneficial effect on your defences, lymphatic system and blood circulation. 
During the 70-minute massage (€ 75.00 p.p.), there is first a reception with herbal tea, an invigorating foot bath with rosemary. Then in the steam bath (approx. 10-15 min) with eucalyptus and a nourishing face mask. Final massage 45 minutes back, legs and head/face. A treat for body and mind. 

Good to know:  We use wonderful oils in this massage, which may rub off onto your bathing clothes. And the repetitive, long, gentle massage strokes are best enjoyed without swimwear. This way you can get the most out of the massage.

Our masseuse

Inge van den Burg is a qualified Ayurvedic massage therapist and has completed her training at EISRA (Rijswijk), DivineAyurveda (Hilversum) and Lotusayurveda (Doesburg).    
She has also completed several specialised massage courses, including herbal stamp massage, foot and lower leg massage and shirodhara (head treatment). Her passion for massage and Ayurveda arose during a special trip to India in 2017 and inspired her so much that she changed her profession. Besides her massage practice, she imports Ayurvedic products such as essential oils, herbal supplements and massage oils. She also regularly blogs and publishes ebooks on Ayurveda. If you want to know more, visit www.deepayurveda.nl.    

Inge will be present from 1 July 2024 every Tuesday from 6.30pm to 9pm 
Reservations via Whatsapp or by phone 0031-640087587.

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